Video of the Black Sea devil – A very particular fish

Its name is Black Seadevil and it is an absolutely frightening and disquieting fish.

This video shows it to us in all its strangeness and with anything but normal physical peculiarities!

It is called Black Seadevil, or rather black devil of the sea, and the images that show it are really disquieting. A video shows us an individual of Melanocetus johnsonii, of which until the moment really few images existed. It is a little known and seen animal, but its aspect is nothing short of frightening. A video shows it while freely swimming in the sea. The images have been captured by a robot, which has managed to approach the animal just enough to let us see very well the really disquieting aspect of such a particular animal. The control from remote has been carried out by a series of researchers of the Monterey bay Aquarium Recearch Institute, who have visited the Monterey bay to admire this incredible individual more than 600 meters deep. As shown by the images the Black Seadevil has a definitely very particular shape for a fish. Althoug it seems terribly aggressive and gigantic, actually Black Seadevil is not even 10 centimeters big, which resizes a lot the fear it can generate. Its aesthetic shape is really very particular since it has an almost bioluminescent protuberance of the back, which the animal uses to attract its own prey. A definitely very particular animal, one of a kind. Moreover, it is quite a rare species since we don’t know many relevant individuals. Black Seadevil is surely an animal that no one would want to meet, as well as no fish or in particular the humans that certainly would not remain impassive in front of its very terrifying physical aspect. However its dimensions might reduce our fear in front of its terrible jaws.

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