What do you obtain if you cross a Tangerine Orange clownfish with a Naked Ocellaris?

The result would probably be a huge mess!

But in a perfect world where our dreams come true… a golden orange clownfish might come to life.

Well, Dr. Chung Ala Hung, who is widely recognized and has proven experience, has recently added to his aquarium an Ocellaris caught in the wild that has unique and perfect features. It is the complete and total absence of black pigment that makes this specimen unique, because wild Ocellaris and Percula clownfish with no black stripes are not news.

In the video that Dr. Chung has recently released, we can see the newly acclimatized golden orange clownfish (Ocellaris Golden) leisurely swimming around.

The next step will be to study the specimen to try to reproduce it like it is usually done with other more common Ocellaris, a reality that is still different for albinos, which today still present some difficulties and whose reproduction has been successfully induced by only three institutes.

While we wait for the genetic test of the fish, we cannot but be amazed once again at the surprises created by the ocean.