The Soft coral Lobophytum sp.


The soft coral of the Lobophytum genre, spread all over the Indopacific Ocean, tends to form large colonies, usually fairly extensive. It is often of a pale brown color and it has white tentacles.


From moderate to strong. In case of HQI lighting, corals can be placed in proximity of the bottom. They tend to open optimally under intense lighting.

Water circulation

Corals are at ease with moderate circulation.

Water quality

Soft corals of the Lobophytum genre are robust and are also able to function fairly well in an organically loaded aquarium water.

Soft coral Lobophytum sp.

Soft coral Lobophytum sp.


Even though this genre of corals usually lives with their symbiont algae’s assimilation byproducts, it is advised to occasionally feed them with plancton or thin suspended food.

Coexistence with fishes

These Lobophytum soft corals tend to grow healthily if general conditions are good, therefore they can overshadow their neighbors. They can be kept anyway with most coral species.

Maintenance problems

In the case of good water quality and sufficient circulation, there are not known problems with all Lobophytum species.

Artificial reproduction

Through the cutting of small parts, Lobophytum corals can be reproduced. Removed parts are fixed with fishing wire or bands on a fist sized rock, however, with no pressure generated on the coral’s tissue.