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2-la-VASCASince I was an adolescent and I was just getting started in this hobby, when all today’s technology didn’t even exist, I have experienced the various stages of evolution in the world of aquarists up to today. This means that, like other enthusiasts, my experience is the fruit of years of experimenting, without helpful advice and not even the Internet, which today I believe is one of the best ways to help spread, grow and share this wonderful hobby with others.

The tank

The actual tank is handcrafted and is a super clear glass cube with a 10mm thickness. The measurements are 70 x 70 x 55, and it was set up again a few months ago, after having sold all the Sps from inside.

This was a deliberate choice, because, after years of breeding the animals above I wanted to try my hand in the breeding of corals large polyp (Lps). I must admit that at first I thought I had made a mistake, but now, after a few months, I’m really pleased. The sump is 65x50x35 and is inserted inside the skimmer.

The preparation

Like all my tanks, this one is also a BB with an added layer of sand. I must say that, at the beginning, I had put a lot more but I had to remove it because it created a problem with cyan. There is a total of 35kg of live rocks, of which nearly 80% were already in the last tank, the rest were added using already purged rocks that were bought from a well trusted dealer.

The technique (motion-lighting-accessories)

The movement is stimulated by 2 pumps Tunze “turbelle6055 operated by a 7092 controller, which allows you to alternate between them. The skimmer is an old LGM800 in which I have substituted the skimming pump with a new Sicce PSK 600 which that, in spite of its age, works very well. For two years I have been using the “Balling” method, with the help of four dosing pumps. The heating is entrusted to a 600w Schego and in the Summer I cool down the tank with the help of 6 small Jebo fans and a Hailea 300 chiller.


6Having been one of the first to experiment with Led, at the moment I am using a T5 commercial 10×39 light fixture, but I only use 6 of the 10 tubes available. While wanting to give the right spectrum to that animals I breed I decided to use: 2 Ati Blue Special, 2 Ati Blue Plus,1 Giesemann Powerchrome Actinic and 1 Korallen Zucht Fiji Purple. The photoperiod, operated by a PLC touchscreen, begins at 09.00 and finishes at 20.00, including 45 min. of dawn and the same at dusk. In the near future, looking at evolution and recent studies on how much light the corals need, I will experiment with a multispectral handcrafted light fixture, following the advice of a close friend

Managing the tank

3The tank is managed in the easiest possible way. I change 25 liters of water every 15 days, while trying to use different salts. Among those considered the best there are Red Sea Coral Pro and Deep Blue. I feed the fish at different times during the day with lyophilized Artemia by Salifert, flakes and granules by SHG.I give various liquid products to the Lps 2 or 3 times a week and every now and again I feed them directly with small pieces of fresh prawn, something that they really appreciate.


  • Xanthurum Zebrasoma
  • Gramma Loreto
  • Centropyge Loriculus
  • Nemateleotris Magnifica
  • Amphiprion Ocellaris
  • Cirrhitichthys Falco


Mithrax Sculptus crab

Porcelain Sayana crab

Different snails, among which, some spontaneous and an indefinite number of bearded fire worms.


1-300x166There are different species of Lps present in the tank, including: Acanthastrea Lordhowensis, Acanthastrea Echinata, Acanthophyllia Deshayesiana, Symphyllia, Trachyphyllia geoffroyi, Lobophyllia corymbosa and hemprichii, Echinophyllia spp, Zoanthus, Euphyllia ancora, Euphyllia divisa, Agaricia and others, among which, some I haven’t even managed to identify.

The values of water

  • Calcium 420/430
  • Kh 6.7 / 7.0
  • Mg 1300
  • Density 1026
  • Saline35 x thousand
  • PH 7.9 at the beginning and 8.1at the end of the photoperiod


I use a Red Sea test, even if the pH level is measured in continuation by a Milwaukee SMS 122, the other values are not measured.



I would like to thank all the staff from the publishing house for everything they do for us enthusiasts and for giving me the opportunity to publish my tank.

Rocco Rossomando aka Rocco Begonia

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