ORA Shortcake

Today we want to tell you about a beautiful SPS coral named ORA Shortcake, which was revealed to the public, together with the description below, by a world famous firm that specialises in invertebrates and marine fish aquaculture, ORA Ocean Reefs and Aquariums.


For those who have never heard of ORA, their aim is to provide a complete range of “aquacultured” products that can safeguard the future of this hobby while preserving the natural environment of the coral reef.


  • Descriprion: The ORA Shortcake is a striking Acropora with luminous white and green branches accentuated by corallites and pink and red polyps. The base is dark red with matching corallites and red polyps. ORA Shortcake adapts easily to different lighting and current conditions, but the best colour is obtained in moderate lighting. It grows more slowly that most farmed Acropora, but it has proved to be very resistant throughout the years, and that is why ORA has decided to put it on the market. The specimen was obtained by com from a wild Australian colony in 2009, and it is one of the very few ORA corals that was not bred from scions grown in captivity.
  • Placement : Medium – High
  • Lighting : Medium – High
  • Current : Moderate – Strong

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