• Distribution: Western Pacific; Philippines and Malaysia.
  • Description: The blennoid Escenius Bimaculatus, with a maximum length of 5 cm, is one of the smallest members of the family. It can be easily distinguished from other very similar species that are common in the Indo-Pacific thanks to the two black spots on the abdominal area.
  • Lifestyle: In nature the twinspot coral blenny lives in the shallow waters of coral reefs, where it grazes on the tenuous algal covering of rocks, always on the lookout for predators, and in case of danger it disappears as quickly as lightning between rock crevices or small recesses.


  • Care in aquariums: Because of its small size and calm behavior, Ecsenius bimaculatus can be kept even in nano reef aquariums from 30 liters, as long as there are enough hiding places. Keeping them as a pair is possible in slightly bigger aquariums, if it is possible to find two seemingly tolerant animals. In any case, you should never introduce two animals together arbitrarily. These blennoids are remarkably aggressive towards disliked animals of the same species.
  • Feeding: When kept in an aquarium it usually accepts frozen food and even dry food, but on the long term the well being of these blennoids should always be based on vegetable food. If there is no algae growing on the rocks that can be grazed as in the natural environment, Nori seaweed can be an acceptable substitute.