Description: the body is blue, the caudal fin in juveniles is mostly transparent. Later, males, depending on the geographical region, develop a blue, yellow, or orange caudal fin. The fish is often sold under another name. Rarely do they grow to more than 6cm in length.

Lifestyle: it lives in territorial groups, but it does not school. It can usually be kept in an aquarium without problems if it holds at least 50-60 liters. It should be bred in the company of others of the same species. It is better to introduce them to the aquarium at the same time to avoid cohabitation problems. This species is very robust and not very prone to illness. If kept, it will be necessary to arrange the rocks so as to create several clefts where the Chrysiptera will be able to find shelter.


Cohabitation with invertebrates: it is an ideal fish for a reef aquarium.

Feeding: Once acclimatized, feeding does not present any problems. It accepts frozen food of several types and dry food.