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The difference between a good activated charcoal and a poor-quality one – Part 4

Conductivity The electric conductance is also able to provide us with indications regarding the quality of the material examined. Those of higher quality reduce the conductance, extracting substances from the water, while the lower-quality ones are even able to increase the conductance, when they release salts (for example phosphates). How to test conductivity Experiment 4 […]

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Magnetized water – A new opportunity for the marine aquarium? Part 1

Magnetized water Magic or openness to new opportunities for the marine aquarium? Experiences and observations with magnetically treated water When I first became aware of the presumed miraculous effect of magnetically treated water on vegetable and animal organisms, I remained quite sceptical. Especially in a period when esotericists, searchers of mysterious rays, healers, dispensers of […]

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