An underwater museum!


Jason DeCaires Taylor, who is the creator of this amazing underwater museum in Grenada, has attended art school and grew up in Malaysia, was dive instructor, set designer and photographer for the past 12 years. With a resume like that, a mixture of art and sea, Taylor could only create the first underwater sculpture museum in the world in 2006 in Grenada.

His statues are amazing works of art, and they are very different from each. They are made in the surface, and then immersed in water, using special equipment. Once they have reached the desired destination, they are blocked using hydraulic drills. The statues are made of cement, metal-free, and any harmful substance, of course, and can be found in several oceans around the world, including Grenada, the Bahamas and Mexico.


The statues have also different meanings. For example, Taylor used a Volkswagen Beetle to express the consumption of fossil fuels, and the interior of the car has become a great hiding place for shellfish. In addition the statues also promote the growth of algae, of vital importance to the coral reefs.


In the link below you can see, up to 1080p resolution, the impressive video posted on the YouTube Channel “Jason Taylor” called “Jason Taylor and deCaires Subaquatico Museo de Arte”. Enjoy!