Amphiprion leucokranos by ORA

Today we want to recommend a beautiful video released by a world famous company that specializes in marine fish and invertebrate aquaculture, ORA Ocean Reefs e Aquariums.

For those who have never heard of ORA, their aim is to provide a complete range of “aquacultured” products that can safeguard the future of this hobby while preserving the natural environment of the coral reef.

The video, which is sped up by twenty times, follows the third deposition of a pair of Amphiprion leucokranos that until now has had a troubled history (during the delivery the package was lost, but despite that the couple held out and made it in perfect shape to headquarters). We recommend you read the ORA blog to read the whole chronicle in detail. We also recommend watching the video in high definition at 1080p.

Considering the excellent worldwide reputation of these aquaculturers, we are pretty sure that in a not too distant future we will see the ORA Leucokranos on the market.